about our creative studio


Effi Driessen and An Gagamanos are the driving force behind the creative studio ANIKO specialized in interior design. The two talented sisters design for various residential projects as well as for companies in various sectors such as retail and hospitality. From small design challenges to large complex interior transformations, the two sisters know how to push the potential and boundaries of any interior with their experience and vision. Effi and An's intuitive design approach is applied from the first ideas to the realization of high-profile interiors.

who we are

studio ANIKO is an interior design agency that helps both private and business customers to create the ultimate sense of belonging.
With a large network of various professionals and suppliers, the team of studio ANIKO explores materials, colors and shapes in order to achieve the best and most characteristic interior results for its customers.

“We believe that an interior should tell a story. By looking critically at a space and how it is used, we can bring the story to life with our vision and creative ideas.”
-studio ANIKO

what we do

Every object around us not only takes up space, but also says a lot about who you are or who you want to be.

What does your interior say about yourself or about your company and how do you feel about it?
We create interiors that reflect your identity and deepest desires.
“Our clients don't pay for the work we do,
but for our vision to turn their interior into a dream interior.”
-studio ANIKO


Our creative studio likes to think along with you when it comes to translating the first ideas into digital sketches or simply making  moodboards to create a concept image.

We offer advice in the field of styling and  decoration with a focus on unique products and high-quality furniture.

The basis of a balanced interior is the use of the right colors and materials. We offer color advice to bring character back into an interior.


When it comes to transforming an interior, which require a multidisciplinary approach, we provide step-by-step insight into how we can create a whole of the interior by optimally coordinating different parts with each other.

Here we provide design drawings, detailed drawings, technical drawings of custom drawings, light plans, 2d designs and 3d impressions handy tools that we use to create a dream interior together with our external experts.


In addition to designing interiors for individuals and businesses, we offer the possibility to keep the implementation in-house in order to guarantee the quality of our designs until delivery.

We offer a wide range of materials, furniture and accessories.

We supply various brands and products and realize spectacular interior realizations in detail in collaboration with our network of experts.

Our prices

Everyone is unique and every interior requires a different approach.
Wij benaderen daarom elk project op een persoonlijke wijze.

"Let's get to know each other!
Wie jij bent, wat je doet en hoe jij je voelt in jouw interieur of bedrijf vormt voor ons de fundering van het interieurontwerp. 
We translate what makes you or your company unique into tangible forms.”
-studio ANIKO

Is it a business space? Please feel free to contact us.
We will prepare a tailor-made offer that suits your needs.

Inspirational session

From price per room | incl. 21% VAT
795 Start price
  • 120 minutes visiting location
  • Color- and material inspiration
  • Styling and accessories
  • Discuss lighting options
  • Furniture options

Interior design

From price per room | incl. 21% VAT
1995 Start price
  • On-site introduction
  • Inventory wishes and requirements
  • Map with layout
  • Color plan
  • Materials and finish
  • Furniture and products
  • Lighting design
  • Design for styling and accessories
  • 3D impressions
  • Quotation of products
  • Documentation by email

Interior realisation

Hourly rate | incl. 21% VAT
145 quote on request
  • Project management after interior design
  • Technical drawings of final design
  • Extra measurement by experts
  • Ordering goods
  • Deliver goods
  • Assembly goods
  • Styling and realization interior
  • Documentation by email
  • Excl. €0.21 travel costs per km

Please read here our terms and conditions

how we work









What we inventory:
- Demands and wishes
– Budget indication
– Schedule indication

Next steps:
– Quotation with an overview of the design work

After approval of quotation:
- Plan of approach
– Schedule


We translate your uniqueness into tangible forms:
– Translation of requirements and wishes
– Moodboards
– Digital sketch designs

Next steps:
– Discuss ideas and sketches
– The concept and sketch design can then be translated into a specific design



– 2D floor plans
– 3D impressions
- Shaping design

Next steps:
– Discuss design
– Discuss points for attention for detailing
– Quotation with an overview of the design work

After approval of quotation:
- Plan of approach
– Schedule


Final design for the realization:
– Proposal products and materials
– Overview finishes
- Technical drawings
– Detail drawings

Next steps:
– Discuss final design
– Calculation of the final design for the realization of the interior
– Indication deliveries

After approval of quotation (calculation):
- Plan of approach
– Schedule
– Proceed to realization


Ordering goods:
– Extra measurement by experts
– Possible corrections in calculation
– Order goods
– Indication deliveries

Project management:
– We provide insight into when the goods will be delivered and which experts will take care of the installations by means of a planning.

Settlement and delivery.
– If desired, we take care of the styling and accessories, after which the interior can be delivered

Please read here our terms and conditions

Designing with love

By challenging each other, but also complementing

each other and designing with the right amount of
zest and guts,
surprising ideas arise.
That makes studio ANIKO unique.”

-studio ANIKO

Our aim is to bring the ultimate sense of individuality into an interior and to breathe new life into it. 
We do not lose sight of the wishes and requirements of the user. 

Not only do we treat the architecture of an existing or new building with love and respect,
but like to push the boundaries to create a feast for the eyes from a simple interior. 

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Every interior should tell a story.
We are curious about your story and how we can translate your identity into your interior.

With your interior wishes and our style, we are convinced that together we can bring a vision to life.